We are building new infrastructure to get you connected.

Over the next few months, you may be contacted by our construction crew about surveying and installation of new service lines to enhance your experience.

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Main Line Construction

  1. Before we start construction, we notify 811 to locate underground utilities (such as gas and water lines)where we are going to be digging. You will see flags and spray paint in your yard and along roads and sidewalks. These marks show our crews where utilities are located so they do not interrupt any service in the area. Please do not remove flags or markings.

  2. The fiber will all be run underground through existing right of way public easements on or near your property. We place our fiber 30 inches deep in alleyways or under the edge of the sidewalk closest to the house. We then place fiber boxes (ground-level sprinkler style) that will be able to offer service to individual houses.

  3. We start by exposing the existing underground utilities by digging around the locate markings so we can see exactly where they are. That way we do not disturb anything as we run our conduit.

  4. Next, we install our conduits, Fiber boxes, and pull fiber through them.

  5. After the main construction is complete, we will work to replace any grass, concrete, rocks or whatever we have disturbed on your property to get it back to normal.

Fiber Installation to the Home

After the main line construction is complete, the next step is to run a fiber-optic line underground from the nearest fiber box to your home.

You’ve probably already seen our infrastructure within your home’s utility easement. If not, look for a ground-level sprinkler style box. We refer to that as our flowerpot. It’s usually behind or in front of your house and this is where we will connect the fiber line to your home.

  1. Before your installation, our tech will take you outside to show you the best location the bury the drop. You can always suggest another place because you know your yard better than we do.

  2. We will call in locates to the State 811 (Call before you dig) administrator to make sure that all your underground utilities are properly located beforehand. If you have a dog containment or sprinkler system, please work with us to locate those items.

  3. To get the fiber across your lawn we sometimes use equipment but most often hand bury the drop to run the fiber underground with minimal disruption. The method we use to bury drops sews the drop into your yard. If the ground is frozen at the time of installation and we can’t get the line buried, we will protect the line best as we can and come back ASAP after the ground thaws, which is usually in the spring and finish burying the line.

  4.  Once we get across the lawn, we place a utility box on the outside of the house and run a CAT5 wire inside that connects to your router.

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