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It's an important message from a business partner, the repair procedures for a vital piece of equipment, or a picture of your inventory in the hands of an anxious customer. Whether it is between co-workers or a prospect and a sales associate, the Internet has become a key link between people. At Mountain West Telephone, we're dedicated to making that link stronger for your business.

Internet Access

Mountain West Telephone offers a wide variety of Internet access and speed options, scalable to any organizational needs. Whether yours is a need for dial-up or enterprise-wide connectivity, we can deliver the speed and reliability you and your organization demand. With broadband speeds ranging from 1.5 MBPS all the way up to 50 MBPS, our Internet Services can handle your data needs, small or large.
Internet Access Service Delivery Technology Download Speeds Available Upload Speed
FTTP Fiber To The Premise (Building) 1 MB - 10+ GB 1 MB - 10+ GB
SONET Optical Fiber - OCx to Premise (Building) 10 MB - 10 GB 10 MB - 10 GB
Wireless/Microwave Secure Microwave Wireless Link 1 MB - 300 MB 1 MB - 300 MB
DS3 Copper/Coaxial 1 MB - 45 MB 1 MB - 45 MB
T1 Copper Pair (Can Be Bonded 1.55 MB Each) 1.55 MB - 9 MB 1.55 MB - 9 MB
DSL Copper Pair (Can Be Bonded) 768 K - 7 MB 768 K - 1.5 MB
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With High-Speed Internet from Mountain West Telephone, your organization can take advantage of the efficiency of Email, Instant Messaging, and Time Management without extra costs or lost productivity due to spam or computer viruses.
It's time to say goodbye to expensive Email and Time Management software. Featuring Pronto!, the industry's leading-edge unified communications platform by Communigate Systems, Mountain West Telephone delivers robust Internet service with Instant Messaging, Email, Time Management and Data Management right in your browser.
Of course, you don't have to use Pronto! All standard¹ Email programs are fully supported, as well as many additional features used by popular Email and Time Management software.²
Pront Demonstration
Click to see Pronto! in action

Pronto! Features
  Email   Calendaring
  Contact Management   Appointment Sharing
  Secure Instant Messaging   VoiceMail Management
  RSS Feeds and Management   Conference Call Bridging
At Mountain West Telephone, we care about the security and productivity of our customers, and we understand the threat that computer viruses pose to these business needs. That's why we have invested in multiple industrial anti-virus programs that ensure your in-bound Email is virus-free.
Anti-Virus Features
  Multiple Industrial Anti-Virus Programs
  Anti-Virus Software Optimized For Email
  Real-Time Virus Library Updates
  Detects Known and Unknown Viruses
  Advanced Heuristic Algorithms
Spam Blocking
Your business already receives enough Email to sort through without having thousands of junk Emails hit the Inboxes of your employees. It is estimated that spam, or junk Email, can cost an organization thousands of dollars in lost productivity.
As a part of our commitment to your business, Mountain West Telephone has implemented state-of-the-art protection from spam.
Spam Blocking Features
  Supports White Listing / Black Listing
  User-Adjustable Sensitivity Control
  Works Without User Involvement
  Includes Bayesian Filtering
  Outlook Plugin Supports Spam Adjustments and Quarantine
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Domain Registration
What's in a name? In the case of domain names, or web site addresses, the answer is simple: Everything. A well considered name is as important for your website as it is for your business.
However, unlike for your business, simply picking a name isn't quite enough. In order for your customers to be able to access your website using your domain name it must be registered.
Luckily, domain registration is easy and affordable with Mountain West Telephone. And, unlike some domain registrars out there, we won't hold your domain name ransom if you decide you want to take your website elsewhere.
Once registered, we will ensure that your registration is always renewed so that you don't lose your valuable intellectual property.
Register With Us
  Easy and Affordable
  Customer Retains Name Rights
  Names Automatically Renewed
  Full Range of Domain Suffixes
(.com, .net, .org, .biz, etc.)

Domain Pricing
1 Year  $34.99/year
2 Years  $29.99/year (Save 14%)
3 Years  $24.99/year (Save 28%)
5 Years  $19.99/year (Save 42%)
10 Years  $14.99/year (Save 57%)
100 Years  $9.99/year (Save 70%)
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Web Hosting
Customers have questions. They want to browse through your offerings, and they might even want to order something. They're new customers wondering what you're all about and how to contact you, or they're previous customers looking for support on products or services they've already purchased.
These days, people are visiting your website (or trying to) before they call you on the phone. They'll search Google before they'll drive to your establishment.
Whether you already have a website or need one, Mountain West Telephone can host it at a fraction of the price many Web Hosting Services charge.
Let Us Host Your Website
  High-Bandwidth Connection
Ensures High Website Speed
  Redundancy Avoids Downtime
and Data Loss
  Multiple Server Types:
•    Linux/Apache
•    Solaris/Apache
•    Windows Server/IIS
  Multiple Scripting Languages
  Multiple Databases Supported

Web Hosting Pricing
Web Hosting  $15.00/month
Setup Fee  $15.00
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* T1 and DSL connections are not available in all locations.

¹ Full support for POP, IMAP, SMTP, LMTP, iCalendar, vCard and many other RFC-based standards.  ² Many non-standard Microsoft® Outlook™ features supported with downloadable plugin.

† Anti-Virus software implementing Heuristic Algorithms use Artificial Intelligence to detect viruses based on behavior rather than just scanning for known viruses.

‡ Bayesian Filtering uses advanced mathematical techniques to identify spam Email, and automatically adjusts itself based on advanced reasoning. (More)
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